Bird Eye

Reversible Design

Why our belts are reversible?

It’s a shame to have the real estate and not to make good use of it. That’s why each belt has 2 sides – one subtle and one bright. Perfect for color matching psychos. Not sure which pattern you like the most? For all Rebelt models, check the bird eye view.

Switch sides within a glimpse of an eye. Open the clip (that holds the end of the strap), flip the strap, then close the clip. Done.


The buckle is manufactured from 100% iron. The coating is hypoallergenic and doesn’t contain any nickel.

This type of closing mechanism is called military, cause it’s proven to be extremely useful. Not only it holds very tight, but it also opens and fastens quickly. So you don’t pee yourself. Or worse.

There’s a bottle opener on the back. You could open beers occasionally to impress people.


The webbing strap is made from 100% polyester. The printing process is called sublimation and it encapsulates the ink inside the polyester molecule using high temperature and pressure. In essence, the design is sealed forever.

This web belt is extremely durable, except when exposed to fire, in which case it melts. While wearing it, stay away from the purgatory.


Rebelt is the supreme last-minute present. It’s useful, fancy and comes in a gift box, out of the box. Tired of your sibling’s gifts for Christmas? Send them a link. Or buy one yourself with your hard-earned money. Whatever, no judging.

Either way you’ll get the goods inside the perfect aluminum gift box. Use it to store your dreams and sewing supplies.


100% polyester suggests environmental pollution. But the material also proves to be remarkably strong and damage resilient. So your belt lasts longer and you don’t have to replace it that often. We produce and earn less, but sleep well with clean conscious. Our long-term purpose is to switch to fully reusable materials.

To quickly recycle this belt, throw it inside a volcano.


If you reached this far, then Rebelt means something to you. Thank you, dear internet stranger! We’re no Tolkien, but Rebelt is our precious. We sincerely hope you find the descriptions entertaining. And to be honest, our hearts and souls are weaved inside this project. Read more about our journey and purpose.

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